Booking tuition

To book onto our courses, please complete the class registration form below.

Courses available

Summer School 2022 (for 11plusschool students only) click here

Year 5 Course – Oct 2022 to Sep 2023

For Current year 4 students 

Saturday 08:30 FULL
11:00  FULL
Saturday 13:30 FULL
Monday 17:00 spaces available
Tuesday 17:00 spaces available

Year 4 Course – Jan 2023 to Jul 2023

For Current year 3 students

Monday 17:15
Tuesday 17:15
Wednesday 16:30
Wednesday 18:15

For all classes please complete the registration form below.
The venues are:
– Mondays & Tuesdays: New College in Huddersfield (Year 4 & 5)
– Wednesdays: Beech Hill School in Halifax (Year 4)
– Saturdays: The Gleddings School in Halifax (Year 5)

11plusschool Terms and Conditions

Fees – 11plusschool take monthly card payments via Yorkshire Payments.

Deposit – A deposit to the value of one class will be taken in advance to secure your place on the course. After 1 month before the start of the course, this deposit is non-refundable. 2 weeks notice will be required if if wish to leave the course.

Missed lessons – We are unable to offer a refund for lessons missed due to illness or other absence. We will, where possible,  offer an alternative class or supply the lesson and homework missed.

Health & Safety – 11plusschool takes its responsibilities for the health and safety of its students seriously. All tutors are subject to a thorough check by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Fire safety – Fire prevention, precautions and equipment are reviewed and checked regularly.

DSL – Our Designated Safegarding Leads are Fiona Hardy and Caroline Dolan. Contact via or 07469434291

Pupil arrival and collection – It is the parent’s responsibility to bring their child to the venue door before their class and collect them from the door at the end of the class. Students should not leave the building under any circumstances unless accompanied by a known responsible adult. If a child is to be collected by a different adult or sibling then we must be informed in advance.

Safeguarding – Policies for all venues are available on request to, for The Gleddings, please copy and paste this link. Our policy is to not employ ex-offenders.

Late collection – If you are late collecting your child more than two times we will charge a late collection fee of £30 per session. 

Resources – Resources are provided as part of the course at no extra fee. These are issued week by week and will not be reissued. It is your responsibility to ensure worksheets are filed and maintained.