This year’s results

Results of the 11plusschool students starting the Halifax grammar schools in September 2022

In 2017 we had our first triplets to pass the exam, congratulations to Ismail, Abdur-Rahim and Safiya.

Congratulations to all our students who passed the Halifax grammar schools entrance exam in 2021. 11plusschool tutored 3 in the TOP 10 ranked students who will start the Halifax grammar schools in September 2022 – along with 7 in the top 20, 19 in the top 50 and 30 in the top 100. Due to Covid restrictions we are unable to update our photographs showing our most recent successful students. 

Congratulations to our Top 5 students who started the grammar schools in September 2019 – Lakshya ranked 4th, Tolisha 5th, Diya 3rd, Radha 2nd and Chaarvik 9th.

We did it again! Congratulations to Raihaan the no 1 ranked student in 2020 (not in photo). Ophelia (started grammar school in 2018), Willow (started 2013), Sol (started 2014) and Aryan (started 2016) are our previous students who ranked no 1 in the entrance exam for the Halifax grammar schools.